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The Crystal Cactus Guide to Crystals

Welcome to our personal guide to incorporating Crystals into your Healing Journey! Here you will find our perspective on Crystal Cleansing, Charging and our personal experience reference guide to all the Crystals we sell- their qualities, uses and more! Please take advantage of our experience below, and we ask you to please not redistribute, publish, etc our guide- as it has taken MANY moons to compile our experiences. Happy Healing to you!


Sage, Smudge, Black Sage, Mugwort
Crystals, Selenite

Cleansing is an essential part to working with Crystals- since they are natural and created by Mother Earth, they all have the ability to give Energy as well as receive Energy. Cleansing them sets them back to their "pure state" where they can work without a buildup of Energy.

Cleansing should be done daily, weekly, monthly- whenever you "feel" you should. As a side-note, Protective stones need to be Cleansed very often!

There are SO MANY ways to Cleanse and Charge Crystals, here are some of our favorites:

WATER: Place your Crystal in a stream of water- from the sink, lake, pond, river, rain, etc for a few moments while you set your Intention on the Cleanse. (Not all Crystals are water-safe!)

SMOKE/SAGE/INCENSE: Light your Sage/Incense/etc, and hold your Crystal above the smoke while you set your Intention on the Cleanse. Once the smoke has covered the stone, you're good to go!

EARTH: Bury your Crystal in the ground (or in a pot) to Cleanse with Mother Nature. You can leave them for a few hours or even overnight. 

SALT: Fill a small container with white salt, place your Crystals in the salt overnight to purify.


SELENITE: Place your Crystals on top of a piece of Selenite Crystal (or in a Selenite bowl) to Cleanse. 


Crystals, Crystal Healing

Charging a Crystal is done after you Cleanse residual Energy from your Stone. The method you choose is completely up to you, and is an important part of Crystal work.

When to Charge? Whenever you aren't "feeling" the qualities of the Crystal as much. Charging "reignites" the Crystal's Healing abilities.

This is a small sampling of ways to Charge Crystals- play around with them and see what works best for you!

SUN: Place your Crystals in the Sunlight for a few hours to bring about a "fiery, masculine" Energy to the stone. The Sun will make the Crystal's frequency more vibrant and active. (Not all Crystals are Sun-friendly!)

MOON: Place your Crystals in the Moonlight overnight to bring about a "soft, intuitive, feminine" Energy to the stone. The Moon is excellent when working with Divination stones and Emotional healing stones.

WATER: Great for Cleansing and Charging Emotional healing and Protective stones.

FLAME: Hold your Crystal safely above an open flame while you set your intention of a fiery Charge.

EARTH: Great for Cleansing and Charging all stones, especially grounding Crystals.

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