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Intuitive Tarot

with Chris

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Quick Reading (15 min) - $25

Standard Reading (30 min) - $45

Life Reading (45 min) - $65

Channeled Energy - Consult

Chris utilizes an Intuitive approach to the Ancient Art of Tarot.  In his Readings, Chris works directly with your Guides, Ancestors & Angels, as well as his Light Council, to give you the clarity you seek.

Utilizing his abilities through Tarot as well as Aura Reading, Past Life Reading, and Past Loved One's Energies, Chris can help give you what you need to make this Life as exceptional as you desire.

Come with a question, and leave with your answer.

Energy Movement

with Marty


Marty utilizes a Unique, Shamanic approach to Energy Healing. Pulling in the frequencies from his Guides, he can help remove Energy Blockages, clear stagnant Energies, charge & align the Chakra System, and much more.

Utilizing breathwork, Crystals, Shamanic drumming, singing bowls, and sound, he helps to give you the Energetic tools you need to keep your Energy charged, cleared, and ready for what's next.

Energy Work (45 min) - $65

Sound Bath (30 min) - $50

(Inquire for Group rates)

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