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with Chris

Crystal Cactus Lifestyle Shop

Chris utilizes a unique approach to helping you find what you need most.


Incorporating the Ancient Art of Tarot, combined with his gifts of Mediumship, Aura Reading, Angel messages, Past Life Readings, Past Loved One's Energies, and much more, Chris can help give you the clarity you desire to make your life the best it can be.

Now booking for October-November

Standard Reading (45 mins) $65

Energetic Work

with Marty

Crystal Cactus Lifestyle Shop

Marty combines Pranic Energy work, sound, and pure frequencies to help align and energize the Chakra System.  

Services are customized depending on the needs of each client.


*Consultation required*


Now booking for October-November

Energy Work (30min) - $45

Crystal Sound Bath (30min)-$40 No consultation required

Now booking October & November 2023.
Contact us to schedule your appointment 918.424.6885
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