Channeled Tarot

with Chris


15 Min Reading - $25

30 Min Reading - $45

45 Min Reading - $65

Chris utilizes an Intuitive approach to the Ancient Art of Tarot through Channeling, Aura Reading & even Past Life. He directly channels your Guides, Ancestors, and Angels, as well has his Council, through the Tarot, to give you a clear perspective to help you make your Life as you desire. 

Energy Work

with Marty


Marty utilizes a unique variety of Healing Modalities; including Sound Therapy, Tuning Forks, Accupressure, and Pranic Energy Healing to align, charge & rebalance the Chakra systems.

Journey or release ceremonies also available on a case by case basis.

$60 Chakra Reading - 30 Mins

Shamanic Journeying - CONSULT

Contact us: 918-424-6885